About Me

I first found hypnotherapy back in 2014 in London after struggling for many years with anxiety and negative thoughts about my life. For a couple of years before then, I had been trying to keep my worries, and deep insecurities about my future, my body, and my life in general suppressed.

Instead, just thinking they would go away or that I could keep fighting against them and eventually win over them. As with many people in this situation some days were fine and I felt in control , then something would happen in my life and I was back in the pool of destructive and dark thoughts.

Anxiety can be like a train, once I was onboard I could not get off. Outwardly I projected an image of calm and happiness however the reality was just exhausting and taking up much of my energy. It was starting to affect my mental health, my well-being and my relationship with my partner, work and family.

As time went on, and life continued to throw obstacles in my way, I realised I might need professional assistance to allow me to overcome my anxiety. My family, my loving partner and friends were always there but whilst their support was appreciated and heartfelt it was not enough.

After joining a new yoga studio I stumbled upon a flyer for Rachel Moore, a professional Hypnotherapist who was practising in Harvey Street.  At the time I was not fully aware of what hypnotherapy could do for me but with an open mind I sent her an email and began my journey. In just three sessions we looked at my problem from different angles, and using key techniques we found the source of my issues. From here we could work on the values and beliefs that I had been holding onto and which had been causing my problems. It was a very reflective process and provided a deep insight into myself and who I was back then. Most importantly once we had identified these issues we could begin work on who I wanted to become and how I could start this journey on becoming my best self.

The hypnotherapy process helped me completely change my outlook on life and after those three sessions I could not even remember the negative thoughts anymore, the whole process took away my burden and lifted me up.

As the years have passed I have grown stronger, I am still continuously self-developing and growing from the more difficult times to a point where I now have the tools and belief in myself to get through whatever happens with a positive and stable mindset. With this experience I decided to learn about the techniques and practices of cognitive hypnotherapy. I chose to study with the founder of cognitive hypnotherapy, Trevor Silvester at the Quest Institute in London where my own therapist Rachel had studied. So even before I started, I had all my faith in the curriculum and in the teaching. On completing my studies in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP I qualified as a therapist and  coach, allowing me to help others in the same way that I was once helped.

I chose cognitive hypnotherapy because I have first-hand experience of how it can help people who are willing and ready to make changes and face themselves. Hypnotherapy is a journey, one that  might not always be the easiest, but one that I know from my own personal experience is worthwhile. I am here to bring that experience, coupled with my knowledge of cognitive hypnotherapy practice to help you along your journey and lift you up to a better place, the start of your new and better self…

Training and Qualifications

Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and NLP

Hypnotherapist Practitioner Diploma (HPD)

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Diploma

NLP Practitioner

Accredited and Registered Member of: