Cog Hyp

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a new approach to therapy which combines cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnosis with theories based on modern neuroscience.

Hypnosis and trance states have a long history from traditional shamans, meditation gurus to stage artists, and many people believe it includes swinging pocket watches and losing control. It does not!

Cog Hyp is ground-breaking because it mixes different therapies such as NLP, CBT, positive psychology and traditional hypnotherapy. By doing so, Cog Hyp blends theory with practical findings.

Our actions are guided 90% from our emotions which are stored in our unconscious mind.

To understand this, look at our mind as a ship. Our unconscious mind is the crew while our conscious is the captain. The captain gives the orders and the crew follows them. The two need one another because if the crew were to not show up, the captain would not be able to set sail alone. Conversely, if the crew showed up and the captain didn’t, the crew would not know where to go or how to manage the journey. A captain can ask anything of the crew and they will comply. In the same way, you can ask anything of your unconscious mind, and it will comply.

So when we work together, we look at your conscious and unconscious mind and try to update the crew with the captain’s programme to create the best possible outcome for you. So the crew will be well trained and have no limitations in sailing to the right direction of the captain’s choice.

We also believe that everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have so we are challenging the behaviours and the mindset, not the people.

Cog Hyp believes that trance states are everyday phenomenon and we go in and out of trance ourselves throughout the day. It is like when you are driving home and you realise, you cannot recall the journey home, do you ever wonder then who was driving?

In Cog Hyp we believe that everyone has their own resources in them to make the positive changes so we work with their resources and focus on their own view of a better world and state.

When working with a client, I work with their model of the world, as we believe that everyone has their own reality and every single person sees the world from their own point of view.

We are here to unlearn what you learnt before and transform you into a better and happier version of yourself.

Its power lies in the fact that Cog Hypnotherapists do not follow scripts and rigid step by step guides but I create a treatment plan with the client together and treat everyone individually to meet their needs and to work on whatever emerges.