Coronavirus – How to keep your mind strong and positive in these times 💪

Viktoria Bryan

Viktoria Bryan

Here is a list of advice on how to tackle anxiety and fear with Coronavirus going around

1. Your mind believes anything you tell it

Start feeding your mind with positive pictures and thoughts. It is very important NOT to obsess about the negative and create panic for your mind.

If you constantly read the news, and talk about what a nightmare this all is, your mind will start worrying and be fearful as it believes you are actually in a nightmare.

This does not serve you or the ones around you. So make sure you pay attention to your thoughts and choose your words carefully.

If you are already an anxious person, make sure you kindly excuse yourself from panicky conversations and do not check the news every 5 mins. Focus on being gentle with yourself and breathe deeply turning your thoughts to something or somewhere safe.

2. Trust your body is strong and that it can heal itself

Our body is a self-healing mechanism. It knows exactly and perfectly how to heal itself from any virus, physical wound or disease.

Like when your skin heals itself after you cut yourself. So know that your body is strong and you have the healing power within you.

Keep repeating this to your mind. You control your mind. Your mind controls your body. So make sure you tell your mind how strong and wonderful your body is no matter what.

3. Keep being grateful

Start appreciating all the things we have.

Most of us are blessed to have water, electricity, food and a home where we are safe. Stop focusing and complaining about our flight being cancelled, our concert being cancelled etc. When we focus on all the restrictions it once again creates fearful projections to your mind.

When we are grateful, our mind is calmer and happier. Your mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs. So if you are in a grateful place your mind cannot hold fear at the same time.

Choose being grateful.

4. Keep supporting others

We have always survived because we lived in communities who supported each other.

It is so important to stay kind and caring towards the people you meet or get in touch with.

By making angry, fearful or even racist comments, you are once again making your mind believe you are in a crisis.

When I fell ill in Thailand with dengue fever I was all alone in the hospital for a week. Thai people were the kindest and most caring towards me. I never once felt I was a burden or that they wished I was gone home and struggled there.

My mind was in a safe place while my body was fighting the virus because I was surrounded by love and support.

So be kind and helpful to whoever you meet.

5. Meditate or listen to some recordings

Soulvana has created a 5 day group meditation plan to shield you from coronavirus. They are powerful!

It does not matter if you believe in meditation or not. For your mind, it will be a boost of security and safety if you are doing this extra step and keep being proactive to let your mind know there is no reason to spiral into panic mode.

And of course, keep to all the medical advice, washing hands as often as possible, using hand sanitizers, no touching of face, hair and being mindful of our physical interractions.

Remember, You control your mind. Your mind controls your body and You always have the choice of your actions, words and thoughts to keep your mind more positive. 💕


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