🙃 Get- happy secret series 😁 Week 3 – Feel competent

Viktoria Bryan

Viktoria Bryan

🙃 Get- happy secret series 😁

Week 3 – Feel Competent

“Knowing that I can do what I love and what I have achieved by myself has given me a huge sense of accomplishment and happiness. I feel confident that I will always do OK.” He said.

When my client came to me, he told me that his family never really paid attention to him.

As soon as his little brother was born, he was the only one the family fussed about.

He felt like he needed to get out and at the age of 13, joined a kayaking club.

His parents never really supported him and they never came to see him race. Not once.

However, he decided that it does not matter what anyone said or did, by getting to national level and competing at such high level he really could achieve whatever he set his mind to.

He not only managed to have all the success by his willpower but also found a supportive new family as the kayaking club and its member.

When we try something difficult or new and master it, you feel capable and confident.

As a result, you also feel more satisfied and upbeat about life in general.

So you wish to boost your happiness today? 

  • spend time doing the things you are good at
  • spend time doing the things that you enjoy 
  • spend time doing the things that you truly choose to do for yourself


This part is VERY IMPORTANT, because we all beat ourselves up for our mistakes or failures but we forget to take a moment to thank ourselves for doing well.


  • try things that your are NOT SO GOOD AT

AND congratulate yourself for tackling something difficult or challenging for you.

For example, you can sign up for a 5K race and end up crawling over the finish line.

It does not matter, YOU CAN STILL FEEL COMPETENT if you remind yourself of how strong you felt.

Whatever you do, you can learn that you can handle any problem.  

So do not hesitate to approach a challenge!

It will boost your confidence, competence and happiness…


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