Mini Technique for You

This technique is pretty simple and will help you soothe any anxiety or uncomfortable feeling in your body.

You can practice on your own and be in charge of your emotional wellbeing.

The more you do it, the higher effect it will create and the easier it will get in the long run to control any negative feeling or anxious thoughts.

Step 1

Imagine the problem and where you feel it in your body. Close your eyes. Once you have identified the location of the problem in your body try to visualise it in your thoughts. Then imagine taking it out of your body and projecting it out in front of you. Ask yourself how strong this feeling and image is on a scale of 0 to 10.

Step 2

As you watch the image or feeling in front of you, focus on it and ask yourself if it has a shape and/or colour. Acknowledge the shape, colour or heaviness of it. Now you ask: if the feeling/image was spinning in any direction, what direction would it be spinning? Now watch it naturally starting to spin to a certain direction.

Step 3

Then see if you spin it faster, the feeling gets stronger or weaker? If it is stronger, than you have to slow it down so it does not get worse. Alternatively, you might need to spin it into the other direction. The key is to spin it faster or slower to create a weaker feeling. Possibly spin it up or down to a 2-3 on a scale of 10.

Step 4

Slow it down or spin it faster until it stops and the feeling either disappears, or the shape and/or colour of it changes and the negative feeling is gone.

Step 5

Hold onto this wonderful light and safe feeling and then allow this to come back into your body, feeling so much better and in control of your emotions.

Step 6

Stay with this feeling and breathe. Enjoy the moment and stay as long as you need. When you are ready, open your eyes and notice how much better you are feeling.