How it Works

What happens in hypnosis?

Hypnosis? Trance? Uh, let me explain…

Okey, I know this sounds a bit scary if you are new to hypnotherapy, but I promise you!

You will not bark like a dog or fall in love with a fire hydrant when in hypnosis (or even after).

I can tell you that as a hypnotherapist I don’t even own a pocket watch to swing in front of your eyes and I really don’t need to in order to help you.

Truth is hypnosis is not something that is done to you, as you go in and out of trance yourself every day. Being in a trance state is an everyday occurrence.

Just like driving home and realising you cannot recall the journey. You step into the house and you realise you have no idea how you got home. You were driving, of course, but not consciously. As you were probably busy thinking about what to cook for dinner or how much work you have tomorrow.

This happens to all of us. AND this is what we call being in trance. 

You see as you were busy figuring out your life, your unconscious/subconscious mind were driving you home safely. So you were doing something without thinking consciously about it. A bit like an autopilot. You were already in self-hypnosis actually. Easy peasy and nothing scary.  

In hypnosis THIS IS THE TRANCE STATE that we bring up and work with. You are present, in control and responsive.

So all I do is to guide your natural state of trance to solve your problem where you are completely in control.

What happens in a session?

What do I need to prepare?

The only thing You need is You. You fully, your intention and integrity to be open for the path of self-reflection, development and change.

When I come to see you am I lying down? Are you in my head?

Okey, so hypnotherapy is like any other psychological therapy. Conversational and interactive. 

You are sitting opposite to me in a comfy armchair and we are chatting. I ask the right questions and I find out about your problem or issue and how you do your problem.

You are not lying on a couch and you are not sleeping. You are taking full responsibility for taking part actively in the therapy. 

You are in full control of what happens, you decide how much you are willing to take in and you can anytime come out of hypnosis by yourself.

Nothing ever happens without your consent.  

How many sessions do I need?

How many sessions do I need?

This really depends on the client and their issues, problems and what we are working towards.  Normally I recommend 3-4 sessions to start with and then we evaluate together your progress and where we would like You to be by the end of the therapy where you feel happy to go strong and solo.

How long is a session?

Sessions normally last between 60 to 90 mins, so I do not charge by the hour which means we always have time for some relaxation in the end. For me, your well-being is the most important throughout our sessions together and therefore if we finished earlier but you feel you still need me a little bit longer we will chat and relax together so you leave supported and lifted.

And finally how much do I invest of myself?

To be honest, it does not matter what others say or think about therapy because I want You to be doing this for You first and foremost. This is your life and you have the chance to make the most of it living the life you visualised in your magic wand moment.

Thus I want you to invest your energy and yourself fully into opening yourself to fulfilling your intentions and following the life you truly want because you deserve that happier and healthier life. You just need a little guidance, and that is why I am here, for you.