Once you know I am the therapist and coach you have been looking for, my prices are the following:

If you are outside of Hungary and want to work online:

Single face to face or online is £90/session.   

My package of 3 sessions is only £250 which will give you a great discount and the peace of mind to secure enough time and space for your growth and development.

If you are Budapest, Hungary based and see me in person:

Single face to face or online is 15 000 Ft/session.   

My package of 3 sessions is 45 000Ft which includes a personalised hypnotic MP3 I create just for you.

I recommend you to come and see me for at least 3 sessions so we allow time for:

  • getting to know each other in the first session and build up a strong rapport
  • setting our goals and objectives at the first session
  • working different techniques and tools in the second/third and extra sessions to help you uncover, release and shift any blocks
  • you opening up more and more as sessions build up on each other
  • dealing with anything else that might come up as we peel the layers off
  • consolidating the work on the the follow-up sessions
  • meeting your objectives and reaching your goals so you can go out to the world and be your best self


Also, included in the package price!

I create an individual and personalised MP3 audio for you to listen to in order to help you between the sessions and also to deepen the positive work we are doing.

Cancellation and rescheduling of my session?

I understand sometimes life gets in the way and some things are just out of our control, I am always striving my best to accommodate your needs and will treat everyone fairly.

Any cancelled appointments require 48 hours’ notice. If under 48 hours a £50 will be levied or full charge if there is a no show.

With prepaid packages and cancellations, the full charge will be taken if cancelled within 48 hours.

Rescheduling I also ask a 48 hours’ notice and the same rules apply as above.

Therefore, I kindly ask you to let me know as soon as you cannot make the appointment so I can make the right arrangement and offer the slot to someone else in need or in waiting.