Privacy Policy

The owner of is taking full responsibility that data handling is being implemented by the current national rules and following the EU GDPR policy accordingly. 

Any questions and enquires regarding data policy are available on

This information is to provide the viewer of this webpage as well as current and prospective clients and partners the required confirmation that their personal data is being protected. 

Viktoria Bryan is handling the data securely and confidentially following all necessary security, technical and management steps which guarantee the safety of viewers, clients data. 

Viktoria Bryan would like to inform the viewer of its data handling practices.

Viktoria Bryan would like to inform the viewer of its data handling practices.


Name: Viktória Vass-Bryan

Address: Kertváros 47, H-1028 Budapest 

Tax number: 54975084-1-41

Company Number: 53775984

Phone: +36 30 357 5031



2. Personal data of enquires 

Contact form: 

The contact form is to provide a platform where one can get in touch with the provider. The Datahandler is requiring the name, email, number, the subject and the details of the message of the viewer which are being handled by consent. 


In order to provide a personalised, easy and costumer friendly service the website is being enhanced by cookies. Some  of these cookies cease to work once the website is closed whilst others may linger on longer in a saved mode. 

Cookies do not consist of any personal information and are not available to identify the individual user. only uses cookies that are required for its best upkeep and working procedure. These cookies are to be accepted on the first visit to the website. 


3. Withdrawal of consent

It is possible to withdraw the consent of the data handling anytime which has been mentioned in the 2nd point.  In this case please send an email to this email address: Prior to the withdrawal the data handling is valid and legal. 


4. Contract and legal commitment, policy

In the case of the Datahandler receiving personal data which is not the same as the enquirer, the personal data is needed to be verified, 

Data protection policy is in alignment with the data  protection law, especially the following:

– 2011. CXII. law – information freedom and information self-handling law

– EU 2016/679 policy (27.04.2016) – GDPR 

– taxing – 2017. CL. tv. 78  78. § (3) bek. (keeping invoices) and 2007. CXXVII. tv. 169. § e) (invoicing required)


5. Confidentiality 

The data handler is taking full responsibility at all times that the user/partner’s data is being saved accordingly. Any information provided will be counted as protected by law and as a business confidentiality which are not to be shared or given away for any personal or financial purposes. This includes all persona data, information, ideas, creation. Any personal data received by a 3rd party will be considered as a business and corporate secret. If shared by Datahandler the Datahandler is in full knowledge of breaking the policy. The Datahandler is not eligible to share the data to any 3rd party or publication or any other usage of the data which might  harm the personal or professional position of the client. The Datahandler accepts that any break of the above may be challenged in court and could bring monetary compensation. 


6. Location of the data storage 

Domain service: 

Company name: 23VNet KFT.

Seat:  1132 Budapest, Victor Hugo u. 18-22.

Telefon: +36-1-8089886



7. Forwarding to 3rd country 

  • Gmail – Google Inc., Mountain View, California, USA
  • Facebook Ireland Ltd. – 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2 Ireland


8. Rights of concerned

Right of Information, modification and access 

Users and clients of are able to ask for feedback regarding their personal details.They also are eligible to ask for access, modification, deletion and time limitation of their personal data usage. 

Right of data handling limitations 

Viewer and client of the website are eligible to ask for limitations regarding their data, if: 

– concerned about the accuracy of the given data

– data handling is against their rights, instead of deletion they may ask for restriction 

– there is no need for the keeping of data, but the viewer/client is requiring it for legal purposes 

– the viewer/user is against the legal handling, and therefore asks for restriction while the procedure is going between the data handler and the giver 

If the data handling falls under restriction the data becomes available only to the user/client, legal purposes, EU requirements or any member state’s request. 

Once the restriction lifted the data handler must inform the concerned. 

The data handler must inform anyone who was involved in the sharing of the data unless it is impossible to do so. 


Right to cancellation

The data handler is required to cancel the data immediately once it has been requested by the client, viewer and user, if: 

– no need to use the data anymore 

– withdraws the consent of data handling and usage or the data hander has no more right to do so

– the concerned are protesting against the data handling, there is no priority right 

– personal data has been used illegally 

– personal data has been requested to be cancelled by the EU or any of its member state included 

– personal data has been shared for society related services 


If the data handler has publicly shared personal details to other parties, then the data handler must inform all parties to cancel and delete the personal data and any copies available. 

There is no need to cancel personal data if they are  required for legal procedures and for its protection. 

The data handler will notify anyone and any parties whom the data has been shared with at all times.


Right to carry data handling 

The concerned has the right to forward any of their stored data to another data handler. 


Right to protest 

The concerned has the right to protest regarding the sharing and usage of their personal data to third party or for the creation of their profile. In case of a protest the data handler is not to use  the data provided unless there is a prioritising  legal reason for it. 


Automated decision making in individual cases, including profile creation

The  viewer/client has the right to influence the automated decision making, including profile creation which might have legal or negative connotations to their rights. 


Withdrawing right 

The viewer/client has the right to withdraw its consent anytime.


Legal rights claim

The data handler is processing the personal data with highest confidentiality. If one feels that this has not been the case please contact the data handler directly. If there are any questions regarding data handling please also contact the data handler.

If one believes their rights have been violated legal actions may be taken against the data handler. 


9. Other actions  

Information will only be disclosed under a Court Order (civil, criminal, or coroner’s court) or where not to disclose would cause danger or serious harm to others. 

Viktoria Bryan is fully insured and accredited by the National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH) and QCHPA which all have privacy policies in place. 

By law in Hungary, only a doctor can diagnose and heal patients. The service provided by Viktoria Bryan is considered “mns. other education (Teáor: 855901)” which does not equal and/or substitute to a doctor’s diagnoses.