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Quarantine Self-Care practice series – Choose Again

Viktoria Bryan

Viktoria Bryan

Practice the choose again method by Gabby Bernstein:

1. Catch yourself talking to yourself negatively. Honour and acknowledge your feelings and emotions. Notice where you feel it in your body.
2. Forgive your thoughts, and the way you make yourself feel. Simply say I am sorry.
3. Choose the next best available feeling you can think of

Consciously say to yourself, that is what I choose and notice how once you made that decision, you cannot even recall the original thought.


1. I am catching myself telling myself I am ugly and noone will love me.
2. Forgiving myself for bullying myself and being super mean. I am sorry.
3. Choosing a better thought: eg. However is my body looking, I know I am still worthy of love. It is not all about the looks.

The point here is to look for a feeling that you can really resonate with. Do not try to jump from anger to joy straight. Maybe just one step above anger, like resentment. Once you have resentment, choose again. Higher and more positive thoughts.


Viktoria x


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