Thank yous

I reached out to Viktoria after hitting a real low point in my life. I had tried alternative forms of therapy but they had just made me feel even worse – I felt lost and had no idea how to even try to turn things around.

When Viktoria suggested I try hypnotherapy, I jumped at the opportunity. I mean, I’d tried everything else, what harm could it do? Truth be told, accepting Viktoria’s offer of help, was the best thing to ever happen to me.

After an initial consultation which highlighted the key areas that we were to work on, Viktoria and I had a session. People see hypnotherapy on TV and assume it’s another person taking control of your mind and body, but I can honestly say that while Viktoria did her technique with me, I have never been more aware of my mind and it’s thought processes. I felt completely in control and at ease. Upon ‘coming round’, I felt like a physical weight had been lifted. In fact, our session was so effective, that was the first and last one that I have had.

I had been stuck in a rut, had no direction, no motivation and no care for my physical and mental health. The morning after our session, I was up early, exercising before work. My whole mindset had changed, and I have never looked back. I should mention that all of this was done via Skype, and even in a ‘virtual scenario’, I have never felt safer. Viktoria is wonderful at what she does – not only is she a great hypnotherapist, but she genuinely cares and wants what is best for you. If you are even remotely considering a session with Viktoria, take the leap and do it – I promise you won’t regret it.

Katrina, Event Manager

“I had a session with Viktoria in August 2018. I went into the experience feeling open but without any big expectations and ended up blown away. From the moment we started, I could tell that Viktoria was entirely present to me. Her words were clear and her gaze was focused. As the session progressed, I was surprised to find myself becoming deeply emotional. A forgotten memory of childhood fear resurfaced and I started sobbing. Viktoria held the space with such grace that I felt entirely comfortable. She worked her magic and we ended the session with a sort of touchstone on my hand that I now knew I could gently touch whenever I wanted in order to connect to a sense of peace and calm around that childhood memory.

It is now January 2019 and the transformation I’ve experienced over the past six months or so has been amazing. I really don’t feel the childhood terror anymore. Instead, my mind seems to have rewired itself to focus on the beauty of my childhood memories, and I find myself more joyful on a daily basis than I ever have before.

I cannot recommend Viktoria more highly.”

Lexi, Writer

“Viktoria helped me, when I was at a very bad place. I’ve always had anxiety, but it never effected me as much as it did recently. I’ve failed an important final exam for a job I really loved. And after that the anxiety spread to everyday situations like chores, working out and yoga (even things that I love). After just two sessions, I felt something change. The uneasy feeling in my stomach was gone, yoga and running were fun again and chores weren’t such a burden anymore. I became more aware of my emotions and how to embrace them instead of burying them. I finally have the energy to work on myself. Without Viktoria, I would have never found out what the cause of the anxiety was and how to let go of it. Thank you so much.”

Anika, Civil servant

„During the therapy, Viktoria listened sensitively, with great care, to what I said and explained my problem. She have formulated her questions in a targeted and empathic way to explore the details and get to know them deeply. The traceability and comprehensibility of her summary at the end of the sessions have identified the way to solve my problem. Also listening to the MP3 she prepared specially for me has helped to improve the healing process.”

G.V., Engineer

“I am one of those people who have a hard time opening up and talking about their worries, problems, and bad thoughts. For this reason, I started with a reservation for the therapy, I was a little distressed as well that I may not be able to get to the level where I can reach my unconscious and pull out the resources which could start the treatment process. When we started therapy with Viktoria, I managed to quickly feel at ease and felt my concerns were unnecessary. For me, hypnotherapy proved to be an excellent treatment approach, and I feel that I can overcome the behavioural and anxiety problems I want to leave behind or solve. Viktoria as a therapist with her professionalism, empathy, and kindness, greatly contributed to the potential of the success of the therapy. With her questions she quickly discovered the root of my problem to be addressed, and the resulting therapy and techniques she used soon showed its results.”

Eva, Head of department

“I came to Viktoria with a problem I have been struggling with for 15 years. As we started the therapy, it has become clear that the problem I came to see her for was just a covering layer of the real issue which was uncovered by Viktoria’s guidance and questions which lead to the discovery of the core problem. With the technique used by Viktoria we have found the root of this long-standing issue and changed the picture in my unconscious to a positive outlook from which I can grow from. It is unbelievable that even after just 2 sessions we achieved such a breakthrough, and hypnotherapy did work. Since then I have been constantly improving and feeling better thanks to Viki’s knowledge and skills. I feel better in my skin and I feel that I will not have to worry about this problem anymore as it is now all in the past. I can wholeheartedly recommend Viktoria as a hypnotherapist with her positive, kind and caring attitude. With her professionalism and knowledge I believe she can help many people deal with problems that currently seem unimaginable how any improvement could be achieved.”

Gina, Lawyer